Ownership & Funding Info

Ownership & Funding Info

The Sotter Sokal is committed to transparency in our ownership structure and funding sources. We cite potential conflicts of interest on the same page as the relevant work.

Sotter Sokal is also the owner of the Facebook Pages: “sottersokal.com
Twitter account “sottersokal.com” and Instagram account “sottersokal.com“.


We are a privately owned company registered from 05 No. Bakshimoil Union of Rajshahi district.

Sotter Sokal Contact:-

Sotter Sokal
Address :-Mohanpur-6220, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.
Mobile: +8801976919804
Email: sottersokal@gmail.com

Funding Info:-

Sotter Sokal were founded in 29 November 2020 and Sotter Sokal got the business license on 22.08.2020. License No: – 67

Our head office: – Mohanpur (6220), Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

We have a full-time core editorial staff but work with many freelance reporters and guest authors.